First Year Photo Project

The First Year Photo Project has been discontinued, yet has been used as inspiration to create OFYP’s new program, Rewind.  Learn more about Rewind here!

What was the First-Year Photo Project?

The First-Year Photo Project was an initiative that brought together freshmen students to document their personal transitions to the U of M through photography.

Throughout the year, the project participants took images explaining their view of transitional issues facing first-year students at different times.  At the end of spring semester the participants would create a gallery exhibit hosted in Coffman Memorial Union depicting the transitional experience.

Background: During the 2004-2005 school year, fourteen first-year students participated in a project called "Picture Your First Year". These students documented their personal transitions to the University through guided photography and journal entries that reflected their own personal identity, their future hopes and dreams, their uncertainties, and what the U of M meant to them.

Over the course of the project, the students collectively took over 500 photographs that told their stories. During the winter break, students put together a final art piece that was a final expression of what their first semester was about. These photographs were exhibited during the spring semester in the Coffman Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Committee of SUA programs.