Freshman Seminars

Freshman Seminars are designed specifically to enhance the first-year experience, and a great way for new students to start their university career. Each seminar is taught by a faculty member and is limited to 20 students. Freshman Seminars allow first-year students to interact in a smaller setting, connect with a faculty member, and become involved in a unique area of study. Freshmen seminars are offered both fall and spring semesters. 

How to Search Online for Freshman Seminars

If you would like to search for a Freshman Seminar online, follow the steps below. The online class schedule will always contain the most up-to-date information on Freshman Seminars. 

  • Go to
  • Under Quick Links, select Class Search
  • In the Institution field, select Twin Cities/Rochester
  • In the Term field, select either Fall 2016 or Spring 2017
  • In the Course Career field, select Undergraduate
  • In the Course Keyword field, type Freshman Seminar
  • Click the “Search” button. This will pull a list of all Freshman Seminars scheduled for that term.

Please note that the times and locations of the Freshman Seminars are subject to change. If you have questions about any of the Freshman Seminars, contact your academic advisor.