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All about the Student Conduct Code

As a new student to the U of M community you should familiarize yourself with the Student Conduct Code. This code outlines expectations you can have of your experience at the University. It applies to both academic and non-academic conduct and to a variety of issues such as scholastic dishonesty, sexual misconduct, bullying, theft, responding to alcohol emergencies, etc. You are held to the standards in this code during Welcome Week (at all events, both on and off campus) and through your tenure at the U. Start your experience on the right track by demonstrating and encouraging appropriate behavior of yourself and peers. There are excellent resources outlined in the Class of 2020 guide in U Minnesota. Check them out by clicking on the Safe U link.

Event Spotlight – College Day

College Day is a chance to discover what it means to be a student in your specific college. You’ll meet faculty and other students as well as explore unique resources and opportunities you have access to as a member of your college. You'll also see real-world applications of what you will learn during your time at the U of M. If you’re a part of CEHD, CSE, CFANS, or CLA, this is the first day of class!

What students have said

"I liked meeting for our first class. It made me feel a lot more comfortable and even more confident in myself to be able to succeed in all my classes."

Orientation & First-Year Programs