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Only 5 more days!

All about what you will gain from Welcome Week

Welcome Week is a great time to figure out how to navigate college life, including getting around campus and managing your time. College is going to be different than what you’ve experienced before and that might mean you need to discover new ways to take care of yourself. During Welcome Week you will learn where to go when you need help with academics, involvement, or personal wellness.

Welcome Week is also a great time to meet new people. You’ll have the entire week to get to know just a few of the people with whom you’re about to spend four years of your life. During this week you’ll be able to explore a variety of different communities and realize that there is a community here that welcomes your identities and interests.

Event Spotlight – Sustainability Action! and Earth, U, & Barbecue

You will begin to understand that everything you do makes an impact and together we can create a sustainable campus with Sustainability Action! and Earth, U, & Barbecue. Through dynamic displays and illuminating activities at Sustainability Action!, you will learn how to participate in sustainability initiatives on campus and in the community.

At the Earth, U, & Barbecue enjoy a delicious, waste-free meal. All products and materials at this lunch are either biodegradable and will be composted or are recyclable and will be sorted at our on-campus facilities. This event will have big taste, but no waste!

What students have said

"My favorite memory of Welcome Week was just the sheer magnitude of the number of people that I met. You get to go to so many events, meet people, explore campus, and start getting involved. All of this brought the chance to really connect and make lasting friendships with people you will go to school with for the next four years. It helped me make such a huge campus feel more manageable and more like home from the get go."

Don’t forget about the Coca Cola giveaway!

Participate in select Welcome Week events* and you will be entered to win prizes from Coca-Cola! Prizes include a $500 gift card to the University of Minnesota Bookstores, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro! *To be entered to win, you must attend all of the following events: Check-In, Pride & Spirit, Convocation, College Day, and Respect U.

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