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Only “go 4" more days! Get it?

All about taking care of yourself

Welcome Week can be a ton of fun and leave you with some of the best college memories, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be overwhelming from time to time. As you navigate Welcome Week:

  • Be ready to be among 5,800 other people. That means that the Welcome Week events are going to have quite a few people in attendance. Take care of yourself.
  • Get ready for some long days. We have an action-packed week planned for you, but you need to make sure you plan ahead so you're prepared. Wear good shoes, comfortable clothes, and bring water! If long days don’t sound like fun to you, look on the bright side: These long days will get you into a routine so you're ready for classes!
  • Accept the fact that you're going to have an awkward moment or two. You're meeting new people and that can be awkward sometimes. Embrace the awkward.
  • Our advice? Lean on your Welcome Week small group. Everyone in your group is going through the same things you are. And your Welcome Week Leader? They went through those same things, too. Use your community to find support in your transition to college.

Event Spotlight – Academic Survival in Action

Get to know the University Libraries at Academic Survival in Action! At the Magrath Library Open House, scope out possible study spaces while you learn about the range of useful and maybe a bit surprising services and tools that the libraries have to help you thrive during your time here.

What students have said

"My Welcome Week Leader was amazing! He gave us real advice, and made us all feel welcome to the U!"

Don’t forget to buy your books!

If you haven’t purchased your textbooks yet, the University of Minnesota Bookstores are conveniently located on campus. They sell all of your course supplies and offer competitive prices. Check them out!

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