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3 more days! Campus is more than ready for you!

All about what students have said

“Welcome Week was a great experience for me. I got to meet new people, make new friends, explore the campus, and got connected to tons of campus resources and programs. Overall, I feel much more comfortable being at the University and prepared to start my life as a college student.”

“Welcome Week was helpful in allowing me to find my way around campus before the start of class. Without Welcome Week, I think we would all get lost on the first day of class and not know where any of the amazing campus resources are.”

"Welcome Week was amazing! As a commuter student from Richfield, Minn., I commuted daily (it took me about an hour to get to campus by bus/train), but I did not let this stop me. Welcome Week is important because it is the start of your four years as an undergraduate. The first day is super fun because you meet many new people and you get together at TCF Bank Stadium to learn the cheers for the U and find out who's performing at the Homecoming concert at Pride & Spirit! My other favorite memories include convocation where you learn more about the U and what it means to have pride in your own college. And finally, the first Football game ever which all freshmen get to attend for FREE!!! All students should go because it builds your enthusiasm for the school year, helps you build school pride and spirit as Gophers, makes you more pumped and excited to succeed during your first year, and you meet SO MANY people! Ah, it's amazing...20/10 highly recommend!"

Event Spotlight – Respect U

At Respect U, our captivating speaker Wing Young Huie, a local photographer and graduate from the University of Minnesota, will present on the effects of bias in mainstream media and how you can learn to identify how it has informed the way in which you view the world. You will participate in his "Chalk Talk" and begin to understand the university community’s diverse perspectives through participation in deeper conversations.

Orientation & First-Year Programs