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Orientation & Transition Experiences

Prepare for your Advising Appointment

Orientation is right around the corner and we want you to be prepared for your advising appointment. Please review these tools to ensure a positive experience when registering for your fall semester classes. Registration information is available at the One Stop website, including How-to guides which show step-by-step instructions for course registration and other student account processes. Schedule Builder is an additional resource for searching for classes and planning a class schedule. Another important tool is the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS), which produces a report that will reflect progress towards the completion of a degree in a declared proposed major. Additional degree planning resources and information are available in the Degree Progress section of the Academics tab in MyU.

Know Your Degree Requirements

Here are some important numbers to keep in mind as you begin to think about your upcoming academic journey at the University of Minnesota.

  • 120 – Minimum number of credits needed to graduate. This includes Liberal Education, college, and your major requirements as well as other electives.
  • 2.0 – Minimum overall GPA required to graduate (with no grades less than a C- in your major or minor). A 2.0 GPA is also needed to stay in good academic standing.
  • 75% – Minimum total % of all UMN credits that must be completed on the A-F grade base. You must take major, minor, or professional programs courses on the A-F grade base.
  • 13 – Minimum number of credits you must register for each term. You must average 15 credits per term to graduate in four years.

University Liberal Education Requirements
Liberal Education courses invite you to investigate the world from new perspectives, learn ways of thinking that will be useful in many areas of life, grow as a lifelong learner, and actively participate in your community. Designed to be integrated throughout your four-year undergraduate experience, Liberal Education courses provide an opportunity for you to explore fields outside your major and to complement your major curriculum. As an undergraduate, degree-seeking student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus, you are required to complete courses from Liberal Education categories.

Degree Planning
Our goal is for you to graduate in four years. Planning with your college advisor can help guide you in creating a graduation plan that keeps you on track toward graduation.

Four-year planning for each college will include required courses in an order they should be taken. Please click on the links below to find your college specific information for Four-Year Planning:

Complete Your Placement Testing Early
Make sure you complete your placement tests at least one week prior to your orientation date. Placement tests are available for chemistry, mathematics, and second language. Find out more about which placement tests to take by going to the 'Complete Placement Testing' step on your New Student Checklist. Take your exams in a quiet place with a secure Internet connection.

Explore Freshman Seminar Courses
Freshman Seminar courses allow first-year students to interact with each other and connect with faculty in a smaller setting and become involved in a unique area of study. Freshman seminars are offered during both fall and spring semesters. Plan early by reviewing the fall 2018 offerings here.

We look forward to seeing you this summer at Orientation!

Orientation & Transition Experiences