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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) September 28, 2017

Hello %%First Name%%!

First things first – let me introduce myself. I’m Karim Nabhan, and I’m your Transfer Insider for the semester! I am a junior here at the U studying journalism. As a transfer student here at the U, you are automatically enrolled in our Transfer Student Network (TSN) program. The TSN program is a peer-run program that places new transfer students with one of the many “Transfer Insiders,” like myself, who aim to be a guide, and more importantly, a friend to ensure you’re having a smooth transition to the U! That being said, I hope the first few weeks of classes have gone well. I’m sure you’re still on summer mode just like myself – it doesn’t feel like we’re back in classes. The fact that it is currently 85 degrees in the middle of September surely doesn’t help – it is scorching! Add that in to the fact that you are all brand new students to the university – and I’m sure it can feel stressful.

My one piece of advice is to stick it out – the first semester is always the toughest. You have a lot of resources here at the U, which are all free and convenient to use. You pay a lot of money in various student fees, and a lot of that is used for funding for various resources here on campus. I’m sure you’ve heard someone, either at orientation or elsewhere talk about “getting involved” on campus. For me, that came in the form of intramural sports and joining student organizations. The U has so many student organizations that you are bound to find something that you enjoy! I even think there’s a Game of Thrones group that you just watch episodes with and mingle with other students who also like the show. If underwater basket weaving is more of your thing, we probably have a group for that too! And, if there isn’t one – creating a group here at the U is relatively easy. If you do create a group, make sure to invite me, because I’m always down for a little underwater basket weaving. Find out more about student organizations here!

Transfer student programming has been hosting a set of workshops every Friday starting September 15th through October 13th from 12:45-2pm in Appleby Hall 103. More information on the Transfer Workshop Series can be found here.

Another great resource that we have on campus is the Center for Academic Planning and Exploration, and they’re launching a great new service this fall! Major Exploration Lab for Transfer Students. Feel like you’re the only undecided transfer student on campus? You’re not the only new transfer student exploring majors, and you shouldn’t have to explore alone. Join the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration (CAPE) for the Major Exploration Lab! This 3-session workshop offered over the course of three weeks is designed specifically for first-semester transfer students. During these hands-on sessions, students will receive guidance, resources, action steps, and most importantly, food! The application is due by October 12th, and can be found here.

One last thing – you’re a college student, and my assumption is that you like free coffee. Why not sign up for a coffee chat, where you can sit down with myself or any other insider and get treated to FREE Starbucks (no gimmicks attached!), your choice of anything on the menu. I’m serious – you just sign up, and talk to someone about anything your heart desires. If underwater basket weaving is on your mind, we can talk about that. If you want to know more about ways to get involved at the U, we can talk about that too! It’s a great way to connect with other transfer students who know exactly what you’re going through.

Besides that, feel free to email me if you ever have anything you want to talk about! I’m a Vikings fan (1-0!), so if you’re a Packer fan feel free to roast me in an email about how much better your team is. Or, if you have ANY question about anything at all, shoot me an email and I’ll respond in less than 12 hours (or your money back).

Good luck with classes this semester, and I look forward to meeting you!

In Gopher Pride,

Karim Nabhan
TSN Insider