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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) February 29, 2016

Hello %%First Name%%!

Its Bailey again, your Transfer Insider! I hope your first semester is off to a great start and that you’ve found a comfortable routine here at the U! This month, I’m writing to you about a topic that can be intimidating to new students: Navigating the University! We are fortunate to have a variety of transportation methods on campus available to us.

As you know, the school is divided onto three campuses. Depending on your college and major, you may have classes on at least two of the campuses every year. As a CFANS student, I travel between all three campuses frequently. I have found that the best way to do this is on the Campus Connectors! These are the large maroon and gold buses you see driving around. They run from West Bank to St Paul at regular intervals throughout the day. The NextBus web page provides a GPS tracked map of all campus connectors and stops. Click on a stop and a window will pop up telling you when the next connector will be arriving. You can find this page here: Alongside connectors, there are four circulator routes available to students. The ones you will most likely see and use are the 4th Street or University Ave Circulators. On the NextBus website, there is a “Select Routes” option that allows you to see where the different circulators are and when they’ll stop.

Another great transportation option on campus and beyond is the Light Rail trains. The METRO Green Line runs through the Minneapolis campus with three stops: Stadium Village, East Bank, and West Bank. Students can ride in between these three stops for free with a Zone Pass. You can pick up your Zone Pass in Coffman Memorial Union at the information desk. I prefer to use the trains because they are faster than the connectors when getting from Stadium Village to West Bank. The Green Line extends from downtown Minneapolis to downtown St Paul. If you have free time and feel like exploring, the train is an easy way to get to the cities. In Minneapolis, you can transfer onto the Blue Line trains, which will take you down to the airport and the Mall of America. Here is the website that shows all METRO Transit stops: Using the NexTrip sidebar will allow you to check when the next train will be stopping by the nearest station.

I hope these tips give you a better idea of all the option you have to get around campus! If you have more questions about getting around or anything else, feel free to ask. Also, don’t forget about Coffee Chats! All of the Transfer Insiders are available during the week to sit down with you and talk about anything you want, and the coffee is on us! Finally, keep an eye out for the TSN Workshops series. I will let you know when the workshops will be held soon!

That’s all for now! I hope you’re enjoying your time as a Gopher! Have a fantastic month!

Your Transfer Insider,

Bailey Hollerud