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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) January 29, 2016

Hello there %%First Name%%!

First, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Eldon Davidson and I will be your Transfer Insider for the semester! What is neat about the program is that all new transfer students entering into the university are intentionally enrolled into the Transfer Student Network aimed at helping new transfer students make a smooth transition to their new home on the Twin Cities campus. TSN is a peer program that places new transfers with 1 of the 5 current “Transfer Insiders” who we are here to help you make that successful transition to the U. With that, I would like to wish and hope everything for you is going well so far with the start of the semester. I know transferring can be a difficult time, trust me. I myself transferred from an out of state school, The University of Tampa, yes, Florida I know I’m crazy right. People always ask why I switched to come up to the University of Minnesota and I tell them Tampa was definitely an experience I would not want to change, but I also learned what I wanted to pursue and that a smaller private college without a variety of majors wasn’t the best fit for me. Plus, I love the Twin Cities area because it offers so many different ways that everyone here can find what they enjoy doing.

A big thing I am sure you hear is “get involved” or “get engaged” on campus and what I noticed when I transferred was that much of this advice was short-sighted without clear examples of how to actually get involved. Personally, what I did was first attend the Transfer Welcome Days program (if you already did brownie points for you)! Cliché as it may sound I met my two best friends in line to take my photo with Goldy Gopher at a Transfer Welcome Day event. I decided to go to the event alone which was out of my comfort zone, and ending up meeting two amazing people. So take it from my experience: Don’t be shy or hesitant to try/attend something if you don’t know anyone- you are for sure not the only one! You never know who you may meet and what connections it can build! I was also able to attend an event called “Explore-U”, which is very similar to what the University hosts in the spring called the “Spring Activities Fair” hosted on February 3rd from 12-4PM in the Great Hall at Coffman. This is a great way to get to see what clubs, groups, or organizations you may be interested in and you get the opportunity to speak with some of their members! I personally joined UNICEF, Nourish, and the Marine Biology club when I first transferred to get involved and meet new people. And, of course, there are many other events hosted throughout the semester on and off campus, you just got to keep an eye out for emails, postings, and flyers! My challenge for you is to try attend something new without knowing anyone there!

One last thing is that each of us 5 Transfer Insiders will host our “office hours” at different times during the week where you can come by and chat with us and get free coffee! It’s a great way to connect, not only with us and other resources on campus, but meet fellow transfer students! Stayed tuned for emails from me, which will be monthly. Also if you need anything don’t hesitate to just shoot me an email! I am your first point of contact for the program and am here for your well-being. I will try my best to help you in anyway that’s possible.

Looking forward,

Eldon Davidson
TSN Insider

P.S. Here are some helpful links to get you started this semester!

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