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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) February 29, 2016

Hello there %%First Name%%!

I hope that you are now feeling at home here at the U! I know for me after the first month it already felt as if I had been going here for years.

For this monthly email I would like to briefly tell you how I ‘Navigated the U’. There are so many ways to get to, from, and around campus that it may have seemed overwhelming at first, I know. Personally what I found most helpful was the Campus Connecter (121) which connects West Bank to East Bank to the St. Paul Campus. With having classes on all three of the campuses it made it very convenient to get to each! Now with the new bus routes I frequently use the University Ave Circulator (122) and the 4th Street Circulator (123) since I live over in Dinkytown.

Also biking is SO helpful and saves you a lot of time in the day. I have lived off campus since I started here. When the weather is nice out, I bike everyday to school! I love it and highly recommend you to think about biking if you haven’t! Plus, there is a cool program called ZAP, which is free, and you get entered to win gift cards to local business just for riding your bike, I have won twice!

Your commuting and methods for getting around campus may be different compared to mine. I encourage you to do what works best for you! If you have any more questions about navigating campus like Metro Transit or parking you are more than welcome to ask me! And do not forget I have office hours every Friday from 11:00am-12:00pm and would be pleased to meet you and go grab some Starbucks - on me! Also the other Transfer Insiders have their office hours at different times during the week if my time doesn’t work with you. Contact Orientation & First-Year Programs to schedule your coffee talk: or 612.624.1979.

“Everyday is a great day!”

Looking Forward,

Eldon Davidson
TSN Insider