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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) April 27, 2016

Hello %%First Name%%!

I hope you are surviving these final weeks of the semester! Your first semester at the U is coming to an end, but the doesn’t mean it needs to stop!

Summer is a great opportunity to reflect on your first semester and think ahead to what you want to do with the rest of your time here. I highly encourage you to set goals for next fall. Your goals could be about making connections, getting involved, applying for a leaderships position, or joining a student group. My personal piece of advice is to make sure you make the most of your time at the U. Don’t wait until its too late to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

This is my last email to you as a Transfer Insider. I wish the best for your time here at the U and hope it continues to get better from here. If you are interested in getting involved next semester we are currently recruiting for TSN Insider position! This role is a great way to meet other transfer students and give back to the transfer experience. Learn more about this opportunity HERE.

Finally, we are looking for feedback about your Transfer Student Network experience. Please fill out this short evaluation and let us know what we can do better.

As always, if you have any lasting questions before the end of the semester please send me an email.

Congratulations on almost finishing your first semester here! Best Wishes,

Eldon Davidson
TSN Insider

“Everyday is a great day!”