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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) April 27, 2016

Hello %%First Name%%!

I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather! Though I’m sure you’ve already had a conversation about the weather with two other people this week. Talking about the weather is definitely in the top 10 of Small Talk 101 with Minnesotans, I just got done with talking about the weather with two other people before sitting down and writing this email actually. But anyways, on the topic of nice weather, I know that it can be a drag studying for your exams, when you could be outside having fun. So here are some study tips and resources to help you survive the last stretch of the school year!

  • Get yourself a tutor! It can make studying go by so much faster. Instead of sitting down with a gigantic textbook and looking for answers, why not go to a free tutoring session where someone can walk you through the steps and help you get to the answers!
  • Use the services offered by the Center for Writing! I know for a few of my classes, the final is a paper. So stop in the writing center and have them review your paper before submitting it; it’s a good way to make sure you’re on track for the grade you want!
  • If you’re like me and you like to procrastinate, check out the Assignment Calculator online tool. It will keep you on track, tell you what you need to get done, and how much time you should allocate to it. It is super useful and definitely helped keep me from getting too overwhelmed and procrastinating too much.
  • Utilize study partners! I love study partners/groups, it keeps me engaged and prevents me from getting too distracted. This person or group doesn’t even have to be in the same class or studying the same material. Last semester, I made plans to get together with a friend to study, she was studying for her human physiology final and I was studying for my physics final. We both kept each other on track and made sure the other wasn’t too distracted. Though other people are a great way to help you stay on track and get into the mood of studying, they can also be great to take a study break with.
  • Find yourself a good study spot. That can be your own room or a local coffee shop. Just somewhere you can get into the right frame of mind and be productive. I know personally, I can never study at my apartment, I get too relaxed and get distracted way too easily. My got to study spots include Starbucks and Chatime.
  • Practice self care. Make sure you take care of yourself. Eat healthy, get sleep, and find time to relax, even if it’s for a couple of hours. It might not seem like it would help your overall grade, but it will. I remember last semester, for one of my exams, I went into it being super tired because I was up studying all night. Luckily, all that studying did pay off! I remember getting done with the exam 20 minutes early so decided to check all of my answers before submitting it. I went through all of the questions only to find that I completely forgot to do all the questions on the last page. It was all stuff I studied for, knew the answers to, but only had 3 minutes left in the exam. Ultimately, I was forced to submit an incomplete exam. Looking back, if I hadn’t been so tired and forgot an entire page I could’ve gotten at least 15 more points on that final. So, make sure you take care of yourself!

Hopefully, these study tips and resources will help you get through the semester. We are almost there!

This will be my last email to you, it was a lot of fun and I hope you made the best out of your first semester here at the U! If you are interested in getting involved next semester we are currently recruiting for TSN Insider position. This role is a great way to meet other transfer students and give back to the transfer experience. Learn more about this opportunity HERE.

Finally, we are looking for feedback about your Transfer Student Network experience. Please fill out this short evaluation and let us know what we can do better.

As always, if you have any lasting questions before the end of the semester please send me an email.

Congratulations on almost finishing your first semester here!

Your Transfer Insider,

Ernie Srimaneekulroj