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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) February 29, 2016

Hey %%First Name%%!

I sincerely hope that the first few weeks of classes are going well for you and that you are all staying warm in this crazy cold state we call Minnesota!

Speaking of staying warm, there are many ways of navigating campus that can be useful in avoiding the outdoors. How do I get around? Well, I live right on campus, so I use my feet almost everywhere that I go. I thoroughly enjoy the fresh air; plus a quick walk to class or work is exactly what I need to wake up! However, there are definitely days where I want to avoid the freezing cold too.

Want some of my tips and tricks?

  • Grab a friend or two and explore the tunnel system connecting various buildings on campus! You will bet thankful you did once those crazy cold temperatures hit!
  • If you’re like me and you don’t have to take the Campus Connector or bus to class, feel free to use these modes of transportation for other destinations! I’ve only taken the connector a few times, but it got me to the State Fair last fall! It’s also nice to visit St. Paul campus if you feel like you need a day away from the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis.
  • When I go downtown or uptown, I take one of the Metro Transit buses! This way, I avoid traffic and paying for parking. I also don’t have to warm up my car, plus it’s relaxing to sit back and be a passenger, rather than the driver!
  • The light rail is perfect for my shopping excursions to Mall of America! Even if you’re not into shopping, the light rail is a fast, convenient, and easy source of transportation with many stops along the way.
  • Use the bus and light rail A LOT? Look into purchasing a U-Pass!

I encourage you all to hop on any of these modes of transportation, on-campus or off-campus!

In case you didn’t catch my first email, my name is Hillary and I’m your Transfer Student Insider. My job is to be a source of support and help in your transition here at the University of Minnesota. I would love to meet you for a coffee chat. My office hour takes place every Friday from 2-3 p.m. Contact the Transfer Student Network at Orientation and First Year Programs to set up an appointment at or 612.624.1979; free Starbucks for you and for me, yay!

Your Transfer Insider,

Hillary Husband
Communication Studies
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities