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Orientation & First-Year Programs (OFYP) April 27, 2016

Hello %%First Name%%!

Congratulations! You have almost completed you first semester at the U! With that being said, that is something you should be incredibly proud of because it means you not only have survived your first semester here, but also are one step closer to graduating!

Since it is pretty close to finals season, I figured I’d give you some tips on how to best prepare for finals to the best of your abilities. One of the things that I have found extremely helpful is TA’s office hours and review sessions. Even if TA’s do not explicitly state that they are holding review sessions, a lot of times you can ask them to go over specific questions you have with them. It will help strengthen your skills while helping you prepare for your finals!

If you find that you’re struggling in some of your courses, there’s still hope! The One Stop Student Services website links to some great resources including tutoring centers, study groups, and other helpful resources. There are tutors that are geared toward your major, or that can help you with various liberal education requirements.

Hopefully you have also found ways though to take a break from studying! Go outside, take advantage of all of the fun activities going on around campus (I hear SUA is holding a “recess” on Friday, April 29th)! Most importantly though, enjoy your summer and hopefully it will be a fun time to relax and recharge before fall semester!

Overall, congratulations on completing your first semester here at the University! I hope that you have found ways to make the University your home this semester. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions or comments, or feel that you would like to help connect with transfer students next year! We’re currently hiring next semesters Transfer Insiders (that’s me right now!) and would love to have you apply. This role is a great way to meet other transfer students and give back to the transfer experience. Learn more about this opportunity HERE.

Finally, we are looking for feedback about your Transfer Student Network experience. Please fill out this short evaluation and let us know what we can do better.

Best of luck on your finals, and have a great summer!

Your Transfer Insider,

Sal Randazzo