Welcome Week

Welcome Week: August 29- September 3

Welcome Week community graphic

Welcome Week is the second step (after New Student Orientation) in your transition to the University of Minnesota. Welcome Week is required for the Class of 2022 attending the U of M, Twin Cities and strongly encouraged for new transfer students.

We know that students who attend Welcome Week are more confident when they start classes because they have had time to meet friends, navigate campus and get settled. Welcome Week introduces and builds upon various communities within the University of Minnesota. Here are some ways Welcome Week will build on your Orientation experience.

Your Welcome Week Experience

Is Welcome Week required?

The short answer: Yes.

Welcome Week is required for the Class of 2022 and attendance is integral to your transition to the University. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to attend events in the transfer track.

The choice to attend is similar to the decisions you’ll be making every day of your undergraduate career—whether to attend class or not, whether to meet with your academic adviser or not, or whether to get involved in student activities.

Just like regular class attendance has a positive impact on academic success, attending Welcome Week will enhance your academic experience by helping you get acquainted with the U and build a sense of community…before your first semester starts. Welcome Week is the University’s way of ensuring you have a purposeful start to your college journey.

Additionally, if you are a student in CSE, CFANS, CLA or CEHD you will be enrolled in a required class that includes Welcome Week activities.

Not convinced? How about this research…

We know that students who attend Welcome Week have a greater sense of belonging and higher fall & spring gpas than students who did not have Welcome Week.

Seeking an exemption

We understand that some students may have conflicts during Welcome Week and may wish to be excused from some or all programming. On occasion, OFYP may grant exemptions to students who demonstrate conflicts that are deemed sufficient to warrant an exemption. We will begin accepting requests for exemptions in June 2017 and they are due on August 11, 2017. Contact OFYP at 612-624-1979 or ofyp@umn.edu to learn more.   If you are in Marching Band or a Fall competing varsity sport (Football, Soccer, Volleyball or Men's/Women's Cross Country) you do not need to request an exemption, your schedule is pre-determined based on your practice/competition schedules.

Examples of potentially warranted exemptions include, but are not limited to, medical need, dependent child care, severe illness, unexpected family emergencies, active military duty, or certain obligations with the Minnesota State Fair.

Note: Any student granted an exemption will still be required to participate in certain Welcome Week activities, including Convocation, College Day programming, and U of M Day events.

PSEO students

Former PSEO students who are enrolled as freshmen for Fall 2017 are required to participate in Welcome Week.


Your U of M communities

When you come to the University, you'll be part of many communities, both on and off of campus. During Welcome Week, you'll have the opportunity to connect with them in different ways.

Welcome Week Small Group Community

If you live on campus, you will be assigned to a small group with other new students based on where you live. If you live off-campus, you can preference to be grouped with people who live near you or by how you commute to campus in the Welcome Week Event Selection. Welcome Week Leaders will assist you and your small group in navigating the program. You will have opportunities to connect with other Welcome Week groups throughout the program.

College Community

You will spend a full day with your college of enrollment meeting faculty, staff members, and other peers. If you are in CEHD, CLA, CFANS or CSE you will attend the first day of class for your required first-year course.

U of M Community

You will explore the U of M campus in its entirety by learning to navigate East Bank, West Bank and St. Paul campus. This includes utilizing the Campus Connector in order to reach scheduled events. There are many events during Welcome Week where the Class of 2021 will be together in one space, for example you will take a class photo in the shape of the “M” at Pride & Spirit.

Twin Cities Community

Your U of M Community extends into the local businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Twin Cities. You will explore areas off-campus so you can learn to take advantage of all the Twin Cities has to offer throughout the academic year.

By the end of the week you’ll have all the tools you need to start your first semester and make the University of Minnesota your own.

Welcome Week Accommodations


Welcome Week Leaders will assist you to events once you are on campus, but you are responsible for getting yourself to campus.

  • Walking - You will be walking a lot during Welcome Week (see Special Accommodations if you need assistance) be sure to wear appropriate footwear.
  • Busing/Light Rail - If you’re purchasing a U-Pass for the semester, you’ll find it comes in handy during Welcome Week.
  • Driving - If you drive to campus you can park for free in the East River Road Garage with a parking voucher you may pick up in 315 Coffman Union every day.
  • Biking - Be sure you have a secure bike lock and helmet ready for your ride.  Click here to find bicycle parking and bike maps.

Learn more about commuting to campus and updates on construction at Parking & Transportation’s website.


If you apply for housing by the May 1 deadline and select to live on campus for the Fall, you will receive a letter by the end of July informing you of your Fall housing assignment, move in date and time. You will be able to move into your residence hall/residential apartment before Welcome Week.  More information can be found at Housing & Residential Life's web site.

If you’re not living in on-campus housing, you will need to ensure you can move in to your apartment/house prior to August 29 as housing is not provided during Welcome Week. More specific information for students living off campus will be mailed in August.


If you live in an on-campus residence hall, meals are provided during Welcome Week beginning with brunch on Wednesday, August 29 through dinner Friday, August 30. University Dining Services contracts begin with brunch on Saturday, September 2. Flexdine will be available for students who have meal plans prior to Welcome Week meals starting.

If you live off-campus and do not have a University Dining Services contract, you will have the opportunity to pre-register for meals offered on Wednesday, August 29-Sunday, September 2 when you complete the Welcome Week Event Selection. You can also use this online tool to indicate dietary needs.

There are dining options available in some Residential Restaurants prior to the start of Welcome Week. Please visit University Dining Services for specific locations and hours.

Personal Accommodations


We value disability as an aspect of diversity and want to ensure that you are able to fully participate in all programming available to you. If you have a disability or health condition, or suspect you have one, and would like have a confidential discussion about accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at 612-626-1333 or drc@umn.edu as soon as possible. Some accommodations may take a few weeks to arrange.

You are also welcome to visit the DRC (180 McNamara) at the end of Day 2 of orientation for a brief informational meeting.  However, if you would like to register with the DRC to arrange formal accommodations, you would need to schedule an initial appointment in advance.

Mobility Issues

If you have a short-term disability (i.e. broken leg) and would have difficulty walking long distances during Orientation, please contact the Orientation & First-Year Programs office for accommodations at 800-234-1979.

Mobility accommodations for Welcome Week can be indicated on Welcome Week Event Selection and accommodations for Transfer Welcome Days can be indicated on the registration form.

Dietary Accommodations

Vegetarian options are available. If you are in need of additional dietary accommodations besides vegetarian, please contact our office at (800) 234-1979 or (612) 624-1979 two weeks prior to your orientation date.

Dietary accommodations for Welcome Week can be indicated on Welcome Week Event Selection and accommodations for Transfer Welcome Days can be indicated on the registration form.


Will you be observing Ramadan during your Orientation? If so, please contact OFYP at (800) 234-1979 or (612) 624-1979 to schedule your meals and request any golf cart accommodations.

Prepare for Your Arrival

Parking for students living off-campus
If you drive to campus during Welcome Week, please park in the East River Road Parking Garage. Make sure you pick up your coupon for free parking from Orientation & Transition Experiences, 315 Coffman Memorial Union.