Your U of M Communities

When you come to the University, you'll be part of many communities, both on and off of campus. During Welcome Week, you'll have the opportunity to connect with them in different ways.

Welcome Week Small Group Community

If you live on campus, you will be assigned to a small group with other new students based on where you live. If you live off-campus, you can preference to be grouped with people who live near you or by how you commute to campus in the Welcome Week Event Selection. Welcome Week Leaders will assist you and your small group in navigating the program. You will have opportunities to connect with other Welcome Week groups throughout the program.

College Community

You will spend a full day with your college of enrollment meeting faculty, staff members, and other peers. If you are in CEHD, CLA, CFANS or CSE you will attend the first day of class for your required first-year course.

U of M Community

You will explore the U of M campus in its entirety by learning to navigate East Bank, West Bank and St. Paul campus. This includes utilizing the Campus Connector in order to reach scheduled events. There are many events during Welcome Week where the Class of 2021 will be together in one space, for example you will take a class photo in the shape of the “M” at Pride & Spirit.

Twin Cities Community

Your U of M Community extends into the local businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Twin Cities. You will explore areas off-campus so you can learn to take advantage of all the Twin Cities has to offer throughout the academic year.

By the end of the week you’ll have all the tools you need to start your first semester and make the University of Minnesota your own.